Film diaries: thoughts, truths and realizations

Jorge Ledesma:

A wonderful explanation on film, its limitations, resolution, its quirks and its beauty. Another enlightening post by Ming Thein who’s quickly become my technical go to photographer. Fancy a good read, then go for it.

Originally posted on Ming Thein | Photographer:

During the course of the last few months – shooting a grand total of a roll and a half, and processing one – I’ve had a few thoughts. Admittedly, these may be premature given that I haven’t even seen what came out of roll 2 yet, but I’ve already had a number of observations along the way which I thought I’d share with you all here.

_8025534bw copy
Muse at work. F2T, Delta 100, 45/2.8 P

The look is very different. I think it’s very polarizing: what you gain is highlight headroom, at the expanse of shadows (to some extent). And there’s grain everywhere, even in the highlights; but it’s non-uniform, non-digital, and varies in size enough that it adds texture rather than distraction. I find that I definitely like it when the light is directional; I don’t like it at all under harsh sun/ midday especially in the tropics, because it…

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