Week 29 | 2012

Ricoh GRD3 ― It’s Time   The whole mobile internet photography theme lead by the famous Instagram seems to make some folks uncomfortable and ask a series of questions which are rather interesting. Actually, some people even feel threatened by this sudden rush of images coming at you almost by the second. In the latest […]

Week 27 | 2012

Summer Heat — Ricoh GRD 3   Miami is hotter than ever I tell you. Its to the point that its borderline unbearable to be on the streets. You can probably fry an egg on the street in a couple of minutes without any problems. Coupled with the humidity at 100% and a temperture of […]

Nikon D300s

Rey Cuba, Cartier-Bresson, and Voja Mitrovic

I read various blogs and engage with other photographers quite a bit. On a recent tweet exchange with my friend Rey from Cuba I had told him to send me some raw files from various scenes from different regions and Rey happily obliged. I really didn’t specify to much until I saw the first .nef […]

Week 6 | 2012

Photographing daily, weekly, or in whatever time frame can be really thought provoking and at the same time frustrating. There are so many factors involved in shooting that every so often everything seems to go awry.   Disconnected Fragments Rain was the protagonist this week. Everyday was cloudy and the light simply was not the […]

To Be or Not to Be: Color vs BW

Often times we’re [photographers] not sure if to go with color or black & white when developing our images. Yet other times we let either of the aforementioned choices limit our creative vision and herein, lies the problem. Why limit ourselves to either or.   As I nurture my vision, I can’t help but think […]

Week 5 | 2012

I recently tweeted that when the inpiration strikes to act fast and I certainly think that applies to all photographers and as well as all creatives in general. Harnessing that intensity can sometimes be difficult but when you photograph for yourself and then share, then the ties that bind are so much stronger. Striking Inspiration […]

Week 3 | 2012

Metamorphosis & Finding oneself   So I purchased another book from the great folks at Craft & Vision titled “Close to Home” which really just reinforced all the things I’ve been thinking about as of late. To give you a brief synopsis of Close to Home I’ll allude to one of the quotes within the book […]


Photography: a thing of beauty

Photography is all about having a tool you love with you as much as possible which lets you create the type of photography you want to do. Does it matter if its a small compact or a dslr? I dare to say it doesn’t. Everyone has a different style of shooting and a different sense […]


Week 1 | 2012

Quotidian Photography, seeing things differently Well, I figured that a proper introduction is the right way to begin this project. My name is Jorge Ledesma and I consider myself an aficionado of this great craft called photography. Some of you may already know me from Flickr or perhaps Twitter. To you guys who have commented […]

Leaf Abstract

Small cameras are fun

I’ve always like small things. My favorite water glass is very small. It’s actually the glass/mug where beer is served in Spain, its called a caña. Cañas are drank into the early morning hours in places like Madrid and Barcelona. I suppose the attraction for small items made its way into my photographic gear as well after having had a slew […]