Month: June 2011

Thoughts on the Ricoh GRD III

With the GRDIII, because it has a small sensor and a 28mm-e focal length, you don’t need f8 to get the depth of field required for street shooting. Snap focusing makes shutter lag practically non existant, as the lens does not have to autofocus. The race for the ultimate compact is looking better and better – Ricoh GRD III & Olympus XZ-1. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is the size and how pocketable the actual camera is. I’m currently struggling with the Nikon P7000 and its size. I should have given this point some further thought but with hindsight 20/20 as they say. I’m still happy with the P7000 as I got this shot yesterday but still something smaller makes it a no brainer.

On Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is high production with the one aim to get one image that looks great. With a living specie in front of the camera it’s a lottery, and the aim is to get your timing right – shooting when the subject looks right and rest in him- or herself. You are not waiting for focus to be right but the person to look right. Thorsten Overgaard