Street Portraits
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Street Portrait: New York City

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

– Edward Steichen

He kept telling me “I’m from New York, man, give me something,” so I gave him $5 and he smiled and said, “you aight papi,” and I thanked him, laughed, and kept going.

New York — Nikon P7000


  1. [] [] [] [] Thanks togs, this was one of my early portraits and its certainly special, I appreciate all your comments and love, keep shooting.

  2. You guys are awesome, thanks so much for your support. I believe I’ve added everyone as friends if I have not, don’t worry, its taken me a few days to catch up, busy with with the game of Life at the moment but as a special treat I’m going to share something quite special my Ricoh GRD III captured yesterday. I’m still on a short sabbatical but this image needs to be seen and shared. Have a blessed day everyone and keep shooting.

  3. Buenisima foto Jorge y con la explicación mejor.
    Un retrato magnifico, un B&N excelente. El señor dice que es de New York, a mi me fascina esa ciudad. Ahora, puntualizando Miami me maravilló, estuve hace un par de años, la verdad cualquier sitio es bueno para mi, menos donde estoy, ya que me aburre. Un saludo Jorge.

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