Month: September 2011

The Fortnightly Review 1 — 2011

Oops, sorry but I need to get around to uploading these images which broke when I switched from WordPress self hosted to Check back soon, thanks. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my photography and where its been, where’s it at, and where its going. To be honest, all these questions sometimes bother me, as its a constant revaluation of the things one has done. But I’m old enough to realize that like all things there is a learning curve which guides you through this path and this is a rite of passage to a better photographic eye which sees more, absorbs more, and thinks more about what’s in his frame. I’d like to think of it as a kind of metamorphosis. So I started to think about how I wanted to document such changes and I thought creating a special project to describe such changes, queries, questions, thoughts, would be apropos and hence today marks the beginning of a new project titled – The Fortnightly Review.


“I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost – that is important.” — Jacques-Henri Lartigue This quote from one of my favorites togs of all time was certainly in my mind these past few days. Sometimes we loose sight of what we’re photographing and our choices sometimes seem ill chosen to the untrained “eye”. I believe my fellow togs are not in this category. I photograph with intention, a vision, a plan and a vivid idea of what that image will be. To paraphrase Dave duChemin in his amazing book “Within the Frame” there are 3 images the one before, the one after you press the shutter, and the one that’s post processed.

Cuban Barber Shop

Getting a haircut for a man is quite a sensitive event and I would venture to say the same thing about women as well or at least its been my experience. Personally, there is no better place to get a haircut in Miami than this old Cuban Barber Shop filled with a Cuban 1950’s theme which is evident even with their equipment.

Feeling the Love

Portraits can be powerful images. They can have as much emotion as any other type of photography but with this medium by definition its a more intimate experience. Whether the photographer gets into that intimate is not synonymous with intimacy. Intimacy is something private and people tend to hold on it as much as they can or until they themselves invite you in. That’s how I see portraits An example of a great photographer right here in the community is Viewminder, someone I respect and I invite to follow him and really study his stream, he’s a class act full of love. Well here’s my attempt at practicing Portrait style photography and feeling the love as they say. As usual let me walk you through it. I was walking in Downtown Miami(one of my usual spots) and I ran into this gentleman and we got to talking about my camera and what I was doing. After about ten minutes of chatting I asked him if I could take a portrait shot of him and he …

Soy Cubano

Charm is a product of the unexpected. – Jose Marti Continuing my foray into the world of m4/3, here’s another candid as I warm up to this new platform. So far folks, I’m loving, I feel like I’ve rekindled my old film days. Note: image processed with Lightroom 3 & Silver Efex Pro 2

Little Havana

Recently, I decided to leave my Nikon D80 kit aside, well actually, its gone, gone with the wind. A couple of weeks ago, I had gone to Metro Zoo and I generally had a great time shooting alonside my 18-105mm lens except for one fact. After 3.5 hours of straight shooting my hand literally felt like I had axed down a redwood. I remember voicing my concerns to my brother, a diehard Nikonian, who could not really relate. Nonetheless, at that time I knew I had to shoot with something else. Plus, I have to say that ever since acquiring the Ricoh GRD III, the Nikon kit had not seen much action, again not because of the IQ but because its a bulky setup and quite honestly, very tedious to carry and spend time with me, again, at least for yours truly. So the question, now is, what do I switch to. I don’t really like the term “switching” as it implies a certain level of jumping around things haphazardly, and that’s not the case …