Street Portraits
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Captain Cane

Candid portraits have truly grown on me and I think its a style that really has the ability to truly connect with a human, especially someone on the streets, its a new vibe, and one that I think street togs should incorporate into their visual stream, or at least try some.

Anyway, another “classic grd” moment I think. Let me lay out the scene. I saw Captain Cane across the street and as soon as I saw him, I just knew I had to have a frame. I walked up right up to him with my camera at chest level which I literally pulled up a fraction of a second before capturing this frame.

Captain Cane — Ricoh GRD III

Once again, I can not explain how versatile the Ricoh GRD III has become into my tool arsenal. Without hesitation, a digicam all street togs should add to their gear bags.

I hope you all had a great Labor Day and let’s keep the streams going.


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  2. [] no doubt he’s quite a character, thanks for chiming in

    [] I really appreciate it, I’m now following your stream as well

    [] hello galjin, thanks for your comments and faves, welcome to my stream.

    [] y usted senorita, como esta, gracias por tus palabras, aunque solo soy un nino en comparacion cotigo, aspiro a mejorar 🙂

    [] thank you so much Martin, how’s the dissertation going, hope all is well.

    [] hello kiki, welcome to my stream, I hope you enjoy it, I’m following you too now, cheers and thanks for commenting.

    [] Geoff, thank you so much

    [] yo, wasup, thanks for the comment, it means a lot and no worries.

    [] Merci

    [] thank you so much for your email, it really meant a lot to me, the feeling is mutual trust me 🙂 thanks for chiming in as usual 🙂 you leica boy lol lol

    [] thanks so much and welcome

    [] thank you so so so much, I really appreciate your comments in all images.

  3. Love this Jorge! All your portraits recently are wonderful!

    I’ll give the interview a try tonight! I’m in between computers at the moment which is a bit of a struggle.. lol. Do give up hope on me! haha.

  4. Precious capture my friend! Nowadays people shoot from the chest not hip anymore..i know it because i do it all the time.small compacts is the best for streets photography as they are so discreet!

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