Street Photography
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Cash Man

Considering I was in Downtown and it was already late in the afternoon, I actually found it quite weird this gentleman as counting money on the streets. Downtown is not that dangerous but towards the end of the afternoon all business close and tons of “funny characters” start to appear. Personally, when the lights go down, I immediately leave as I know better than to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cash Man

Another classic Ricoh GRD III shot, let me guide you through this capture. I had spotted him and he’s shirt had caught my attention initially. Then to my suprise, he starts counting the money, having the GRD at my side more or less at arms lenght on my right. Click, as I walked right my him, literally 2 ft at the most, I pressed the shutter, this time it was not full snap but I had my finger half pressed in multi-focus and voila.


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