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Working in Color

Every since switching to LR3 I’ve been experimenting with color. I guess sometimes people think we folks that adore B&W do not like color for reason. I beg to differ, I think I’ve finally arrived with the tonalities that I’ve always yearned. So from now on, don’t be surprised when I share some color frames.

South Beach Swagger — Nikon D80

I think color and black & white can coexist together in harmony, so here’s a frame to begin such a process, well actually to continue, since I already published this the other day.

As usual, I like to set you guys up with the scene. I was at South Beach and it was already getting late, this juxtaposition caught my eye immediately, boom, I pressed the trigger and this is the result.


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    Thank you all for your insights and comments, they are all very appreciated, cheers everyone.

  2. Nice one Jorge. Very Daido, in keeping with your recent theme. I like how her shadow disperses off in different directions. Wonderful mate.

  3. Thank you Jorge, you’re absolutely correct. I know we’ve talked about this on Twitter several times but your premise is 100% true and as I mentioned on the post. I think they both can coexist in harmony. There is more to come, thanks for chiming in.

  4. I love the colors and the subject. I’m glad to see you’ve started experimenting more with color as I think that most people that do street photography automatically assumed that every piece of work should be B&W. I have nothing against it but there’s opportunity to be different by incorporating color in this style of photography because EVERYONE else is doing B&W. I’m interested in seeing how much more you push the usage of color. Nice tone indeed!

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