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American Tale

A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues.

– Theodore Roosevelt

Economic adversity has risen to unparalleled levels for our current generation. The American dream seems to be further away to a larger segment of our population. Let’s keep our voices united and help those who have less. This is the story of Margaret, an American woman, who had lost her job on a factory who moved abroad for cheaper labor. Its a two part story because I first photographed her without her even noticing, but then I bumped into her as I progressed through my photo walk that afternoon and I felt compelled to approach her.

American Tale — Ricoh GRD III

A very sad story indeed and one that almost seems could have been avoided. I’m sure we all know or know of people in similar circumstances all over America. 2012 American politics is here, let’s see what we’re going to do.


  1. [] gracias mil, y no gracias a ti por tus palabras.

    [] thanks for the support my friend.

    [] as always, thanks, your comments are always on point, I appreciate it.

    [] many thanks

    [] many thanks Norman

  2. Magnìfico retrato!!! tan…. profundo,una situaciòn muy real y cada dia mas…una triste realidad de nuestro tiempo,los grandes sueños dificultan los pequeños sueños.
    Gracias por tu visita.

  3. [] [] [] thanks !!

    [] Gracias, le hare un "google" a ver es el 15-M

  4. [] Indeed it is.

    [] Thanks so much for the love.

    [] Gracias amigo, tus palabras no podrian estar mas en lo cierto, creo que el problema es una pandemia, en realidad que si, gracias.

    [] Bravo !!, well said and all your insights are incredibly enlightening to me, thank you. Yes, the magic happens in LR3 and Silver Efex Pro 2 and we can discuss it anytime you want via flickr message, anytime. Thanks for your eloquent and deep analysis of what is indeed the sad reality of our country.

  5. As usual, Jorge, you demonstrate the eloquence of images over rhetoric. There is some exquisite editing here, & I think the vignetting (of which I’m usually not a big fan) is well done. Margaret’s face is well pictured here–particularly the scar on her nose & her focus on simply taking the next step & probable inability to think beyond that right now. But her hands are what speak most poignantly in this image. Her left hand clutches to herself as though it were all that is keeping body & soul joined, while the right resembles all that might remain above the surface of someone who has stepped into quicksand & drowned.

  6. Una imagen que refleja una gran tristeza Jorge, lamentablemente la estamos viendo a cada momento en estos tiempos que corren. La frase de Roosevelt podría aplicarse hoy día a cualquier pais, a cualquier político.
    Creo que nosotros los ciudadanos, a pesar de que nos tienen al margen de todas las decisiones importantes, tenemos siempre la opción de rebelarnos, y creo que ese es el camino. Creo que hay que ponerle freno a esto.
    Una gran imagen que habla por si sola Jorge.
    Un abrazo.

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