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Strive to photograph the truth.

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

After reading this great essay on Cartier-Bresson, it motivated me to choose my next image exactly with the sentiment of the quote. Again, another example of the Daido style I’ve been blogging about recently.

Truth — Ricoh GRD III

So with that said, I invite you to click here to view it large and after please feel free to comment what exactly did you feel when you saw the image. It doesn’t matter if its a one liner ie. raw or grunge, just whatever the image evokes within you please.



  1. I think he is as interested in you, as much as you are in him. He has an intelligent and experienced expression. He may not be rich (by a long way), but he has his pride (I think).

    Great shot… I bet you’re proud of this one!

  2. [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

    Thank you all for your kind words and great insights, I really appreciate the love.

  3. [] I think you nailed, same here.

    [] [] [] Thanks fellows.

    [] Thanks man !!

    [] I hear that as well, he feels comfortable in that skin I think, like its been a while.

    [] absolutely !!

    [] Graciass !!

  4. He comes across to me as someone who is content with in himself, but was wondering when you took the shot "why me?." On the other hand I’m not great at second guessing, so sorry if my comment was rather shallow? Regards

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