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Soy Cubano

Charm is a product of the unexpected.

– Jose Marti

Continuing my foray into the world of m4/3, here’s another candid as I warm up to this new platform. So far folks, I’m loving, I feel like I’ve rekindled my old film days.

"Soy Cubano" Lumix G1 + Hexanon 28mm MF

Note: image processed with Lightroom 3 & Silver Efex Pro 2


  1. [] lol, you picked up on that ah, awesome, thanks for the chiming in.

    [] thanks Amanda, I appreciate it.

    [] thanks, it just happened, it was not intentional.

    [] thanks, it was just one of those moments.

    [] hay que bueno que te gusta, estoy en mi infancia fotografica pero ahi vamos, un abrazo y gracias por tus palabras.

    [] Thanks for the compliment Geoff, very humbled.

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