Street Portraits
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Feeling the Love

Portraits can be powerful images. They can have as much emotion as any other type of photography but with this medium by definition its a more intimate experience. Whether the photographer gets into that intimate is not synonymous with intimacy. Intimacy is something private and people tend to hold on it as much as they can or until they themselves invite you in. That’s how I see portraits An example of a great photographer right here in the community is Viewminder, someone I respect and I invite to follow him and really study his stream, he’s a class act full of love.

Well here’s my attempt at practicing Portrait style photography and feeling the love as they say.

Feeling the Love — Lumix G1 + Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 MF

As usual let me walk you through it. I was walking in Downtown Miami(one of my usual spots) and I ran into this gentleman and we got to talking about my camera and what I was doing. After about ten minutes of chatting I asked him if I could take a portrait shot of him and he quickly said yes. I then put the Hexanon 40mm f/1.8, which on the Panasonic G1(m4/3) with the 2X crop factor its a fast portrait lens at 80mm, which really shines on the streets. As far as processing this time I decided to by Silver Efex and tackle this image with just Lightroom and learn my way around the left panel. Well, here’s the result and expect more of these as I mature into this new format. Cheers everyone and keep clicking.

Note: processed in Lightroom 3


  1. [] [] Thanks Geoff & Stephen, I took about 6-7 and I had a few keepers but this spontaneous smile captured the lens perfectly.

    [] Thanks Anthony, learning and learning.

  2. For me intimacy and intimate are bond together. I think it is important to make contact with the person. Getting a confirmation is very important. Respect, appreciation from both parties. And that is going to be reflected in a photograph. The little bit extra time to make that contact makes a photograph go beyond “candid”.

  3. It’s a very natural portrait, one that I’m sure your subject and his family (if he has one) would be pleased with. You have captured lots of life in his eyes. Good one Jorge. Regards

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