Getting a haircut for a man is quite a sensitive event and I would venture to say the same thing about women as well or at least its been my experience. Personally, there is no better place to get a haircut in Miami than this old Cuban Barber Shop filled with a Cuban 1950’s theme which is evident even with their equipment.

Cuban Barber Shop — Lumix G1 + Olympus 17mm

You enter and the typical salute is “Buenos dias mi hermano” which translates in English to “Good morning my brother” and immediately after a hot Cuban expresso called a “Colada” is offered to you. Gotta love that, its like getting a haircut with your grandfather’s friends or something similar.

Blue Coat — Lumix G1 + Olympus 17mm

You drink your “colada” on a day like Saturday which is usually when I go and its packed. You have Bene More’s famous sound which happens to be Dexter’s theme song singing in the background, a true time capsule indeed.

Cuban Barber Shop — Lumix G1 + Olympus 17mm