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In Between

We all have moods. sometimes they swing up and sometimes they swing down, its just a way of life, and still other times we just wake up that way. Yesterday, one of the greatest visionaries of modern day history passed on – Steve Jobs. As a lover of all things “apple” I must say I was deeply saddened. I never met him, never even saw him in person anywhere, but I remember catching his live product announcements with a childish enthusiasm, they were just that powerful.

So today as I photographed my mood was somewhat reflective and not quite the same. I was not looking for sharpness and incredible scenery as this is all totally irrelevant. Photography is all around us, its always there, as long as we light and any tool to capture it, then we can create.

So with SJ no longer with us, a few words from his Stanford commencement speech stuck with me “stay hungry, stay foolish”. It really is that simple, life does not need to be complicated as I often say, same goes with love actually, this things(emotions) should not be complicated at all.

And thus, that advice “stay hungry, stay foolish” resonates more than ever because we are, after all, just living a life with a limited time, a reverse chronograph time capsule of something that we need to make sense and seek a purpose. We all have the same opportunity to find something we love.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish sounds good to me, its simple.


  1. thanks Musikal, its my pleasure, the group is awesome, just glad I can participate.

    thanks Imvern, just in the mood for that.

    much appreciated Michael, its just one of those days.

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