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Rainy Day

I’ll make a confession. Most days I feel the urge to photograph, its just
something inside that tells me “go out there, just go” and time permitting, I often do as that voice tells me(figuratively speaking). I could be having a not so good day but photographing the faces, the drama, and the scenes that unfold on the streets makes me feel incredibly sedated and instantly better.

Today, was one of those days. The weather in Miami is incredibly unpredictable. One moment it will be the “Sunshine State” and just out of no where, the skies will turn black and torrential rain will pour for hours.

At Ease — Lumix G1 + Hexanon 28mm MF

The wind gust were about 35-45 miles an hour and the streets were almost empty, it literally felt that that downtown was being evacuated and the “zombies” were almost here. This whole scene was unsually ironic because as folks ran for cover from the rain, I embraced it, and kept shooting.

Against all Odds — Lumix G1 + Hexanon 28mm MF

As I photographed I tweeted that I was feeling a certain “rush” during my outing. It was something I had never really felt before and it just hit me all of a sudden, and I was literally adrenalized and it felt so so good.


Into the Rain — Lumix G1 + Hexanon 28mm MF

And as I kept focusing, refocusing, and pressing that shutter, the excitement was mounting more and more. When it was all done, I literally felt like I had done an unusually long walk, mind you, all this took about an hour or so but the horrid weather conditions just made it seem like the the whole event was longer.

Lost in the rain — Lumix G1 + Hexanon 28mm MF

So food for thought #togs when you go shooting do you feel that heat, that rush, that insatiable feeling that needs to be quenched at all cost by clicking that frame?


  1. Thanks for your compliments folks, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks, the angle reminded me of the GRD3 and how I’ve missed shooting it with. The Panny 14mm is in my sight 🙂 I really love that 28mm view.

    Thanks Andy and Geoff , it was a really weird scene. Having lived through quite a few storms already, yesterday certainly had that feeling. Yeah, it was pouring big time and most people where running for cover.

  2. Agree with Geoff about the angle. By enshrouding the pedestrian’s face in darkness you’ve kept her as one object among others in the rain. I like that. It has the effect of equalizing all of the elements in the image. They’re ALL getting rained on!

  3. Love the angle that this has been taken, it really adds to the mood. Taking street photographs in the wet would not be high up my priority list, but seeing this has made me think – why not? It’s a really nice slice of city life on a damp, gloomy day. Good one Jorge, thanks for this. Regards.

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