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Photographically speaking

Photographically speaking, I’m feeling the inspiration once again to go dark and gritty. Every time I admire Moriyama’s work, its almost like a universal truth — I want to go out and record the world around me. Unfortunately, time is a finite concept and as such, I sometimes just don’t get the time to go out and shoot. But a photographer and friend by the name of Wouter Brandsma is also responsible for this inspiration.

Light and Shadows

Wouter Brandsma’s photography can be many things. Sometimes dark, other times colorful, and yet other times gritty and mysterious and I must say I truly enjoy he’s series of weekly posts. That reminds me that I’ve fallen behind my own series titled “The Fortnightly Review” but I hope to continue it as time permits. In the mean time I’d like to experiment with my current surroundings as much as possible.

If you have not read the latest Togs Series entry, then you should. It highlights a wonderful street photographer from New York city named Michael Martin.

Well, that’s all for now. Happy Holidays !!

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