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The Road Ahead

The title fits my mood exactly. As a matter of fact, it also matches my mood towards my photography in the new upcoming year. I have so many projects in my mind and in the end I think we just have to start.

Like anything in life, often times starting is just the catalyst one needs. For 2012, I have a few photographic goals which I’ll list here as a sort of a historical marker or reference point.

  • Take at least 5000 photographs
  • Migrate this blog over to whilst keeping the same domain and comparable design
  • Add a small compact to my gear kit (post coming soon on my choice)
  • Experiment with color a bit more
  • Make more abstract images
  • Further pursue my vision
  • And before I forget, add my name to images on the bottom right

These are just but a few thoughts that come to my mind but as always, this photography business is a very organic process and it can evolve as we progress through our journey behind the viewfinder.

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