The Daido Effect
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The Daido Effect

We are all inspired by something or someone. I certainly remember my first exposure to photography back in 1994 when I took a few photography classes including the “history of photography“. I’ll never forget the text we used “Looking at Photographs” by John Szarkowski. The book had all the greats. Then early last year, my love affair with this craft got rekindled in the digital world. I began to photograph digitally and the rest is history as they say.

I then discovered Daido Moriyama and he quickly became an idol for me. He’s use of a small compact to document his surroundings was not only visually stimulating but also philosophically as well. A small camera is unobtrusive and barely noticeable by people, if anything, you’ll pass by as a tourist photographer who’s just happy to be there(wherever you happen to be).

Cuban Breakfast —Ricoh GRD III

A few months ago, I published  Shooting like Daido Moriyama in action where I talk about how I emulated his style and was able to get close, really close to my subjects. Well, this is another example in this series. Street photography is all about getting close, feeling the rhythm of the scenes and it can all be extremely addicting as a photographer.

Over the holidays I watched for the third time Stray Dog of Tokyo Moriyama’s documentary which is simply a treat to watch. If you get a chance and you love street photography, then its a no brainer and one to add your audio & visual library. These frames reflect a typical Cuban atmosphere at a local supermarket down here — Sedanos.

To close, remember you don’t need a Ricoh GRD III to get up close and personal, any small compact can do and I’ll be experimenting soon enough with the Panasonic LX5 as I continue this series.

Cuban Breakfast Special —Ricoh GRD III




  1. No, what I meant was that I’m going from digital to analog. So digital is sort of my old path, whilst my new path is film. 😉
    I’ve also used Fuji X100 and Nikon D90 in digital.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Ah, I was completely off but nonetheless, I’m sure you’re all about the image and this new path into film will surely lead to new discoveries as well as reaffirm old thoughts.

  2. Good post! I’m also an admirer of Daido Moriyama, love the GRDIII as well. Probably my favorite digital camera. But lately I’ve found that I don’t really shoot much digital anymore, not since I’ve found the beauty of film. Maybe I should try to get my hands on an old analog Ricoh.. 😉

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Simon. Film is definitely a blast and I would love it if I had the resources to just shoot and print and see contact sheets, all that great stuff. For me that was 1994 and I loved it but to be honest, I love the immediacy of digital, shoot, recompose, etc. In the end, its all photography and I’m sure we enjoy it as such. Thanks for the tweet.

        • Jorge Ledesma says

          I’m looking forward to that new path into digital you’re embarking on. Do tell what tool you end up choosing besides the GRD3. 🙂

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