I’ve always like small things. My favorite water glass is very small. It’s actually the glass/mug where beer is served in Spain, its called a caña. Cañas are drank into the early morning hours in places like Madrid and Barcelona. I suppose the attraction for small items made its way into my photographic gear as well after having had a slew of small compacts.

As of this post, I’m no longer carrying my GF1/17mm in a bag. I removed the wrist strap and added the neck strap and it now lives happily across my chest. So now all of a sudden the GF1 is quite portable, not quite as small as the LX5, but now I have a renewed sense of freedom. Always available and always ready. Let’s see how it goes, I’m happy with it. Do you find yourself having any sort of similar revelations when it comes to having an ubiquitous photographic tool?