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Photography: a thing of beauty

Photography is all about having a tool you love with you as much as possible which lets you create the type of photography you want to do. Does it matter if its a small compact or a dslr? I dare to say it doesn’t. Everyone has a different style of shooting and a different sense of creativity. There are togs who love their dslrs and are quite creative with them and yet there are others who prefer to use small compacts to really explore their photography and creativity. The point is, find a tool you feel comfortable with, learn it, know its buttons, fine tune it to your needs, and let your creativity flourish. Don’t let yourself be in cased  into a specific category ie. street photography, abstract photography, et al. just go out there and practice. I’m sure in time you’ll become a better photographer. Sometimes we don’t need all those bells and whistles to be creative — simple is better.

Panasonic GF1, Olympus 17mm 2.8

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  1. Well spoken words… I used to be solely DSLR. Then I bought a Ricoh GRD. Now a GRD3. I still use the DSLR, but it’s staying home much more nowadays. I love my Ricoh.

    It’s all different horses for different courses.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Hello Bello, isn’t incredible how a small camera can revolutionize the way you shoot. I dumped my dslr’s early last year and have never looked back. Having had a Ricoh GRD3(which I sold, I so regret it) I can certainly appreciate its uniqueness, its one of my favorite digicams of all time.

  2. I was one of the true believers in dSLR´s cause of the limitations I use to find in compact cameras, today as I read more and study a little bit more I see my past limitations were due myself, after looking at your work Ledesma this toughs came to reality, your job don´t cease to amaze me. Thanks for everything.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      I’m glad you’re joining the movement of small format cameras. My prediction, your photography will be even more raw. Thanks for chiming in amigo.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      These days, I’m in love with small compacts and shooting them is an even greater experience. 🙂

      • I’m with you Jorge as I’m still trying to convince my wife to let me sell my DSLR. It hasn’t been out of its bag for a while now. I’m having too much fun with my compact camera and it’s always with me!

        • Jorge Ledesma says

          Haha, that’s awesome Duane. I had a very similar experience with my dslr as well and eventually the compacts won the battle. Thanks for chiming in and by the way great shots with the Ricoh.

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