Disconnected Fragments
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Disconnected Fragments — 1

Panasonic GF1, Street Photography

What do you do with images that somehow don’t fit in any category. Well, make  a new category and call it — Just Stuff. These are all DNG converted to have the look of the Lumix GF1/LX3 Dynamic B&W with a custom preset. I like this look quite a bit. When I compared the SOOC jpegs shot in Dynamic B&W with the Panasonic GF1, these raw files converted looked to be an exact representation. Which works out great for me, since  I now have another way in which to process my raw files to have this distinctive look.

Panasonic GF1, Street Photography

Panasonic GF1, Street Photography

Olympus Pen, Street Photography


    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Dr., aqui a las ordenes con cualquier cosa y preguntas. I love the fact you discovered this craft what a wonderful surprise.

  1. I love your way of processing it´s really amazing, the wide arrange of light it´s really something to look after.

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