Weekly Project 2012
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Week 4 | 20102

The Rebirth of Cool

Have you ever felt invisible, on top of the world and just filled with creativity. Well, that’s exactly how I feel after having been without a photographic tool for about 10 days just observing and making imaginary shots.

Morning Dew

The images on this post all belong the Lumix LX3. I was so enchanted with this little jewel that I even decided to write my first ongoing user base experience review to chronicle my findings.

Master Lock

I found the title of this week’s post very apropos — The Rebirth of Cool, as its exactly how I feel. Having had time off daily photographing and honing in the eye plus coupled with a tool that really acts as an extension of the eye is a truly marvelous experience.


You may be asking yourselves perhaps “Where does the LX3 fit into your workflow?” Well, as I explained in the previous week. I’m going through a metamorphosis much like a butterly and this week marks the rebirth of something new, something special, something dear to me and that is — having that extension of my eye with me at all times. The LX3 comes in to fill big shoes as its replacing my beloved Ricoh GRD3.


I know a lot of you out there in the mix know the Ricoh GRD3 is quite a capable digicam and worthy of all its praises. Indeed, it is a great digicam but as of late, I found myself needing a bit more focal length. After several months of scouring reviews and specifications I arrived at the conclusion that the LX3 was the perfect tool for me despite it almost being 4 yrs old. Hmm, almost 4 year old camera introduced during the 4th week of this project — priceless

Original Grafitti



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