Weekly Project 2012
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Week 5 | 2012

I recently tweeted that when the inpiration strikes to act fast and I certainly think that applies to all photographers and as well as all creatives in general. Harnessing that intensity can sometimes be difficult but when you photograph for yourself and then share, then the ties that bind are so much stronger.

Striking Inspiration

A View
Inherently, I’m attracted to photographer’s work that pulls my imagination through up & above. Being myself a photographer(well, at least I like to call myself that) then I can most of the time see how they arrived at such creativity and then be smitten, not only by their powerful imagery(and sometimes narrative) but also a keen sense of admiration as to how they arrive at such a final product.
This week I was struck by the visual marvels of a wonderful application for the iPhone titled Instagr.am and how, in my humble opinion, has revolutionized or perhaps better said, popularized and made accesible to the masses a slew of visual effects that can make ordinary images into something truly special. That was the bug that bit me this week. So as I photographed, I always had that in my mind — pre-visualizing how it would end up framed. Suffice it to say, these images were not created with an iPhone but instead my trusty LX3 another true marvel of photographic engineering so with this I’ll plant the idea in your heads to continue to experiment with you’re own photography. It really is all that & more when you really go forth with your passion.


    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Tom, stay tuned for this week’s post coming on Sunday, a little treat for some car aficionados and more. My G2 arrives Thursday 🙂

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