Often times we’re [photographers] not sure if to go with color or black & white when developing our images. Yet other times we let either of the aforementioned choices limit our creative vision and herein, lies the problem. Why limit ourselves to either or.


As I nurture my vision, I can’t help but think of the times in which I limited myself to just black & white because I thought it was the right thing to do for whatever philosophical idea I may have had on the subject. Well, in truth, there is no right or wrong choice but what our vision and our heart dictates.

Sometimes as I’m looking at my contact sheet in Lightroom certain images just pop straight out and boom — this one must black & white yet for some reason color doesn’t seem to just pop out right away. I don’t really know why and I don’t intend to have a magical remedy to know either but what I do know is, that in time and as your vision is continually refined things just become a lot clearer. For color work, I usually start from a preset [I have many] based on my vision and then start tweaking.


Who’s to say, its color or black & white — no one. Yet, we’ve auto programed our vision and brain to think black & white is the only way to go just because that’s how photography started. Yes, its true that the masters of this craft really carved out their vision in black & white but that’s not to say you have to do the same.


In the end, its all about how you feel about an image. Follow your vision and you’ll never be wrong.



Both images were captured by the Lumix LX3 and processed in Lightroom 3 and Silver Efex Pro 2.