Photographing daily, weekly, or in whatever time frame can be really thought provoking and at the same time frustrating. There are so many factors involved in shooting that every so often everything seems to go awry.


Disconnected Fragments

Rain II

Rain was the protagonist this week. Everyday was cloudy and the light simply was not the best. Well, not the best but at least it felt that way for me so inspiration was certainly very low on the radar.

A particular surprise came this week as well. An old friend called and wanted to know if I could take a couple of portraits in black and white to use as his main image for his law firm. To say, I was extremely humbled would not accurately descibe how I felt. It turns out he’s been secretly following a few post here and there and took notice of some street portraits and liked the look.

I’ve taken many street portaits and candids before and generally these happen in a fraction of a second with no contact from the subject whatsoever. So having the opportunity to actually control the environment and light will be an excellent exercise which should provide some excellent candids. So I’ll have more to report when that project finalizes.

This week also marked a departure to my previous camera, the very good Panasonic GF1, and the introduction of its sibling, the updated Panasonic G2. As time permits, I’ll start a review of both the GF1 and the G2 but suffice it to say, that the G2 handles just like a GF1 and has all the glory from the original G1 with an added touch screen that I have yet to use.

Following the acquisition of this new body also came a complete overhaul of my native m43 lenses with the new addition of the Panasonic pancake 14mm f/2.5 & the Panasonic 14-42mm f/3.5 — 5.6. So gone are the Olympus 17mm pancake and the 14-42mm IIR, new adventures lie ahead. Why the switch? Well, for starters I wanted to have the great Panasonic Image Stabilization and also I wanted a sharper pancake.

Additional Notes

All images were taken with the Panasonic G2, Olympus 17mm, & Olympus 14-42mm IIR and post processed with Lightroom 3 and Silver Efex Pro 2.