Weekly Project 2012
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Week 7 | 2012

I can’t believe I’m at week 7 of this project. It almost seems like its been an eternity already. Not wishing when is it going to end but how is it going to turn up. I want to make something clear before the weeks continue to add up. I photograph because I love the craft and I photograph for myself.

Prime Lens Eyes

Ricoh GRD3 Street Photography

Ricoh GRD3

Photography gives me another view, a prime view we can call it. Our eyes are like to two prime lenses, always active, always surveying, and always photographing. Also, I want it to clarify, that I don’t take a long time to write the narratives that go along with the imagery. These words are simply my own words as I type them across my desktop, laptop, and yes even mobile phone. I write in moments, sometimes getting a thought and quickly writing it down on my blackberry and just letting it run loose. I suppose that’s called freestyle writing and that’s the aim of this journal. Its actually quite a cathartic process — just writing what you feel, without editing anything, just letting go and that’s how I like to write these. I suppose some may label me as a bad writer but its not my main focus and I certainly don’t want these posts to be a drag.

Ricoh GRD3

Ricoh GRD3

With that said, another week came and went and its almost unbelievable how these frames develop. They must be the most mundane of places and because of this, its exactly what intrigues me the most, that our eyes [and our camera lens as an extension in and off itself] can ravage a scene in a micro second and create a different perspective of life. A perspective that can sometimes be representative of the truth and at other times be something completely different.

Ricoh GRD3

Ricoh GRD3

Panasonic GF1 Street Photograpahy

Panasonic GF1, Olympus 17mm f/2.8


Also from now on , I’ll include the camera in the image caption as a sort dewey decimal system for my images.


  1. I don´t know which one strike me the most, the cigarrette is so strong, Im still feeling in my stomach, there are so many insiders, so many different ways of portrait life, yours are genuine

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Rey! I really wish I had more time to document even more Miami is so filled with history. Americans, Cubans, and the rest of the latin population here makes for a wonderful photographic canvas.

  2. adrian saker says

    Good series of images Jorge. I find that I am drawn to the last one. Something quite haunting about this picture.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Adrian, he was quite a character. He kept trying to hustle for some money with some excuse. We were speaking in Spanish and I told him “here you are and good luck amigo.” Then a few minutes later, he came back and said “Do you have anymore?” and I said “sure man, here you go, good luck again and I said let me take your portrait.” He said, nah man, I’m trying to get disability, go figure, he seemed pretty healthy to me though but such is life. In the end, the GF1 proved to be quicker than him.

  3. Beautiful photographs.

    The GRD3 ones look magnificent, more being a compact, but a very special one as we know

    The 17mm 2.8 mu4/3 is a great lens, lots of magic. Not as sharp or fast as the 20mm 1.7 but with tons of a very natural looking optical magic. Two very different lenses.



    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Fernando, yes indeed, the GRD3 is certainly quite a little jewel itself. The 17mm is certainly a misunderstood lens, in order to get the most out of it I recommend anyone to spend some time with it. You’re assertion about the sharpness are correct. I’m really looking forward to my Panasonic 14mm arriving soon from Japan. The return of the GRD3 view in m43.

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