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Togs Series welcome Wouter Brandsma

Wouter Brandsma Photography

Wouter Brandsma Photography

I write this introduction straight from the heart, no editing, no preformed thoughts, just pure heart felt words. Wouter Brandsma is one of the best things that have happened to my photography so it is with great pride and I feel lucky to call him a friend. Not only a friend but a teacher and a source of inspiration. As many of you know Wouter is a Stroll Photographer who documents his surrounding with an amazing eye which pierces through the lens and captures indelible images that leave us thinking, wanting more, asking questions, and in the end deeply enthralled in his view. Wouter Brandsma epitomizes what can be done with dedication, deep thought to one’s imagery, and off course a compact camera. So it is a great honor to have Wouter join the Togs Series.

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  1. nd4me says

    Thanks to your advice and suggestions I have been looking at a Lumix AND Lightroom tutorials etc… Will be getting busy soon (and spending some money unfortunately….). I so look forward to your posts, which haven’t been so “daily” this week. Hope to see your photos again here soon !

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Anytime, well don’t spend too much, remember gear is just a tool. Just make sure that you find something in whatever price range you’d like to embark on and go with it. I’ve got some changes down the pipeline coming soon. Cheers.

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