Weekly Project 2012
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Week 11 | 2012

This week was relatively slow and uneventful. On the personal side of things, life is much different but I’m glad to report that finally my interview with Wouter Brandsma was completed and published. If you have not viewed and read it, then I highly recommend you do and learn from someone I consider a master.

Electro-Optical System(EOS)

To be honest, my online presence has been scarce this week due to the personal side of things. New perspectives, different strokes, the waiting game, healing, and as always my permanent shining beam of light, Isabel, which always lights my days and just when I think I can’t smile.

Photographically Speaking

I don’t know about you guys out there(the ones who photograph) but there comes a time that as you mature through anything in life you start to realize where your forte is and in what direction you want to go. I believe I’ve had a few of those moments already with my photography.


First, it was the realization that I love to incorporate small compacts in my photographic creative flow. Small compacts are truly, pardon the pun, in a class in and of itself. They are ubiquitous and always ready. These days, that task is handled by my Lumix LX3, although I’ve gone through quite a few already in that never ending search for the ultimate compact [which off course doesn’t exits].


Second, I also realized that shooting with prime lenses brought a whole new perspective to my creative flow. It allowed me to really concentrate on framing and working the image but know that this process didn’t happen overnight for me. I took quite a while. Along that journey, I made a lot of mistakes, switched more gear(spent too much money) than I care to say, but in the end, I believe it was a rite of passage[or at least I like to tell myself that]. With that said, I’m not saying that everyone has to go through what I’ve experienced but that experience has been mine and I do recognized I should have stayed with some of the gear I’ve had and worried about other things. Live and learn as they say.


I chose to shoot with Micro Four Thirds cameras(G1,GF1,EPL2,G2) because they were small, could be somewhat ubiquitous, and I generally accepted its imaging potential(reads, dynamic range). With that said, I’m at a turning point guys/gals and I’m moving to a different crop factor, → 1.6, to be exact. So now back to the drill of continuing to refine my vision.


“To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath
the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity
which live or are latent in all things.“
— Ansel Adams



  1. All changes seems to be on me at the right time, otherwise i won´t notice and lost the opportunity to made the best from it. That´s why i notice your photos now seems to be more deeply into conscience and full of colours, your colours.

    In the way of going into different tech roads, I guess we almost experience something like it, photography is a passion and we devote ourselves into it. Passion is not always the best way of looking the world, so we ended expending more time and resources to learn it.

    Thanks for let us know your way.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Rey, I appreciate it. This photography business is such an individual road and only we can travel, learning along the way from others, much like I’ve learned from you, but in the end we must stay true to our nature and follow the path one’s chosen. Good times ahead and as they say in La Habana ─ dale, haha

  2. I know these changes of gear so well, Jorge. And it took me years to realize that my used Leica DIGILUX 2 is the perfect companion when it comes to have am camera that never leaves my side. And it’s the perfect companion for concentrate on the object & the frames. And still there are times when I think of changing cameras again, spending money just to return to where I once started from.

    Thanks for this week’s frames, they are amazing. Thanks for the insight & the interview with the adorable Wouter.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Fritsch, glad you’ve been there and done that. Its actually quite ironic isn’t but such is life. After a full year of shooting digital in 2011, those were some of the certainties that really hit home. Thanks again, cheers.

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