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Business of Photography

For me the true business of photography is to capture a bit of reality (whatever that is) on film…if, later, the reality means something to someone else, so much the better.
Garry Winogrand


This is so true, sometimes we photograph because we simply like to press that shutter. Sometimes we frame with intent and yet other times, instinct takes over. Some may argue that the more you photograph the more you see. I tend to agree with this thought, the art of photographing matures like anything else and our eyes simply “see” better, frame better. Our cameras become extension of our eyes, our senses, its almost like a “Spider Sense” it just is. So if you’re new to this craft, keep pressing that shutter, keep seeing, even without a camera, let time pass, and I’m sure things will happen. If you’re a seasoned Tog, then reinvent yourself, there are many roads which to embark, think outside the box, go against what feels comfortable. If you shoot portraits for a living, perhaps shoot some street or landscape, keep that eye guessing as to what’s next, its always good exercise. I now Patrick LaRoque did with his X100.


On a side note, I’ve felt that deep connection with a few cameras already ─ the Ricoh GRD3 and the Panasonic GF1. For some reason, I’m still not quite there with the Lumix LX3 but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to feel the same way with my upcoming Canon EOS/50mm 1.8, only time will tell. I’m out of here, see ya.



  1. It’s true you get better as you go. I find myself looking at everything in a whole new light. It’s interesting to look through previous photos up to the present and literally see yourself grow as a photographer.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes I look at my Aperture library( I started here and then moved to Lightroom) and I’m shocked at the progress and how bad I started lol. Its all a path and one we have to enjoy, photography can’t feel like chore. For me its about relaxation from the day to day stresses that accompany any adult life anywhere.

  2. Jörgen says

    I agree. I´am doing a year projekt too, and i have noticed that my photograpy gets better when i get out there every day. And mostly i shoot nature, but this year i explore new areas. I tried street this weekend, but boy that was harder than i thought, so i had to do some natureshoots to secure the daily photograph 🙂

    Like your photo by the way…

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Jorgen. Its all a path in my opinion and one thing leads to another and so forth. Nature, now that would be a challenge for me but to be honest, I’m starting that side of my photography like I mentioned on the post above.

      1st by seeing. Now I’m much more aware of landscapes, interesting shapes, and light in general as it strikes trees, streets, etc. I’ve been at it for about a few months already. I hope to have some free time in the near future to really go out and shoot.

      Thanks for chiming in.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Fernando, the big “L” ah, now you’ve made me smile, that lens was only $40 lol.

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