Weekly Project 2012
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Week 18 | 2012

I usually brainstrom what I want to write with the images I publish and I usually go with the flow of how I’m feeling but a post by my friend Wouter Brandsma really hit home.

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

Tiny Hands

Wouter decided to finish his PAD project this week after 70 continous weeks of photographing daily. Yes, that’s right daily. That’s quite a record I must say. I ask myself sometimes, I’ll even reach that far, I don’t know, at least that’s not the goal, the goal is 52 weeks and complete the year, something that seems to far far away still.

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

Nevertheless, I continue to photograph in my own PAD project and I’m still going strong. I wish Wouter the best in his forth coming projects and I’m sure I’ll be there when he hits publish.

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

I mentioned a few weeks ago I had left my Canon 30D in its bag because I didn’t feel like lugging it around. Instead, I took my compact, the LX3, my little side kick and off I went. Those who follow this blog and also know me from Flickr know that I love small format cameras.

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

You can categorize small format cameras in various types [this is strictly my view of things plus I have tiny hands].

  1. Small Compacts ie. GRD & LX3
  2. Small M43 cameras ie. GF1, G2
  3. Small Dslrs’ ie. Nikon D3100, Pentax K-X

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

So where does the Canon 30D and this size dslr fit into my rhythm. Tough question but I’ll try to elucidate as much as I can. Keep in mind that I share these views strictly in a cathartic way in hopes of learning more about my photography.

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

Ever since I owned the Panasonic GF1/G2 I knew that form factor was special. Its hard for me to put it in words but its a feeling one gets when one shoots with such cameras.


Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR

By this I don’t mean to preach these are the greatest but for me, they certainly felt special. But like all things in life and photography doesn’t escape from this reality, there are compromises to be made. As I photographed I wanted better IQ and the possibility to shoot in low light situations as much as possible.


After much research, I finally settled with the only camera that had similar physical dimensions like the Panasonic G2 and that is the Nikon D3100 ( recently replaced by the 24mp D32000, 10mp too much for me ). Not only is the D3100 tiny, its file are really something else. So with that said say hello to my little friend.

Color bug biting again

Nikon D3100, 18-55mm VR
All images taken by Jorge Ledesma on a Nikon D3100/18-55mm VR


  1. António Marques says

    Just love the color and the bokeh on this one, Jorge.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Antonio, I presume your referring to the last shot?

      • António Marques says

        Yes. I understand the “color bug biting” thing, and color reveals all its glory, especially after viewing a series of monochromatic shots (vice-versa is also true, I think).
        The more I see and read the work and opinions of photographers such as yourself, the more I realize that photography is about choices that have no definitive answers; Color or B&W? Compact cameras, 4/3-APS size or full frame? 3 by 2, 4 by 3 or square format? Street, landscape, macro or portrait? Random shots or serial shots?…
        All the best and happy shots with the new D3100!

        • Jorge Ledesma says

          Indeed Antonio, I can concur with your words a 100% and that a sense of expressiveness and visual sense is ultimately what counts way beyond megapixels and camera formats. Thanks for chiming in and continuing this flow of thoughts.

  2. What an amazing journey across your post, the words, the lyrics of your images goes beyond the light and shadows, forms, rhythm, portrait of a city, the quite and less view places, light is your friend an comes handy every time you jump into the weeks project, I expect your weekly project goes growing and let us enjoy the music of your images.

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Rey, I’m just learning little by little 🙂

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