Leica X2 Review

When I first saw the Leica X2 I drooled like a kid yearning the next ice cream cone. Being a lover of small compact cameras I can certainly appreciate a beauty when I see one and this one is rather beautiful with an impressive feature set. If you had not read this review by Ming Thein then I highly recommend you take the jump over as his had the X2 for several days enough to get a feel for how the camera handles and its ups and downs.(Link at the end of the post.)

Leica X2

Improvements. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s what you’d notice and appreciate as a serious photographer:
– AF speed is a LOT faster
– The top plate dials are much stiffer, and now don’t rotate accidentally
– Greatly improved LCD; supposedly still the same number of dots, but side by side with the old X1, it seems a lot clearer and more fluid.
– EVF shoe, and matching tiltable EVF which has great resolution.
– Battery life is significantly better
– Burst mode is faster.

This particular part was rather interesting. When I first saw the “new” Leica EVF I immediately said, “hmm, the Olympus VF-2 rebranded, how about that,” and then I saw this part.

I did an experiment with the EVF out of curiosity – the plug looked like any one of the existing EVF plugs. Expecting it to fit my D-Lux 5 Titanium, I was surprised when it didn’t; but it did fit my Olympus OM-D and Pen Mini. Even more interestingly, it worked! Draw whatever conclusion you wish; it’s a very nice EVF all the same, and my preferred way of working with the camera. Oh, and it tilts, too, and locks securely in the down position (something not all tiltable EVFs seem to manage.)

So perhaps the Olympus VF2 can be used on the X2, it certainly seems plausible, not to mention, way cheaper as the Olympus VF-2 are currently oscillating around $150 in the used market in flea bay and other notable m43 forums.

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