Sometimes while I photograph I’m not really thinking about making images. Sometimes my main interest is just to document. There is a certain level of comfort in knowing that you’re not out there hunting but instead just watching, seeing, observing, and just letting the streets and places soak in deep in that psyche.

My World


It almost feel like you’re letting visitors into your world. Yes, it’s my world, the way I see, the way I feel, and ultimately the way I photograph including, the way I process.

VSCO Film Preset

Some may judge, criticize, and maybe even hate, so what. Be true to yourself and your vision is what I tell them, after all its yours to nurture and grow. I’m at a point I tell you that I simply do not care if I have critics, everyone does. Positive criticism is great because it makes you grow and get better, the rest, is good ole hoopla, it doesn’t matter.

VSCO Films

Yet other times, my vision is jaded welcome to my world.