Weekly Project 2012
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Week 22 | 2012

As life progresses we should aim for simplification. Simplification in all aspects of our lives. I believe deep down it’s really the best path but I’ll be honest sometimes its hard. I strive for such a day in which life is just simple. But I’ll be honest, its not and myself included sometimes or most of the times we over analyze basic situations that don’t warrant such complexities.

Seiko Time

Where am I going with this? I don’t know its just what’s on my mind as I see that even with pure attempts of change and wholesomeness sometimes go unnoticed. But such is life one big bowl of soup with lots of intertwined interest.


These are jpeg macros with the LX3 still my digital compact of choice and it still amazes me how the for some reason my creative juices are always amped with small compacts in comparison with other formats. I made a discovery yesterday with my D3100.


Keen followers of this blog will know I love the m43 platform. But what is it that love? It finally dawned on me, it’s the live view, what you see is what you get, not only via an EVF but also on the LCD. Back tracking to the D3100, its Nikon smallest ever APS-C dslr with integrated Live View that is just like in the m43 bodies. You can zoom in and out and focus and press shutter. I’m still experimenting and I have a feeling it will fill that hole that m43 has left on me.

Black on Black

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