Working the Streets

Olympus EPL2, Street Photography, M43 Photography, M43 Street Photography, Olympus M43 Pancake

Rekindling an old love affair is certainly one of the best feelings one could have and its exactly the way I feel right this moment. An opportunity arose and I picked up once again a Ricoh GRD III in essence once again substituting my now gone LX3.

20 thoughts on “Working the Streets

  1. I have a GX100 and love it.Ricoh does something right that the others should pay attention to. Stellar macro, and genuine design. The speed of use needs some work tho….
    Your shot is great. Keep it up!


    1. Absolutely Roger, I agree a 100% with you. Ricoh is on the right track. Now all we need is a GX300 🙂

  2. [] Thanks Chris, it was a backhand shot.
    [] Frank I appreciate it.
    [] Thanks Edg !
    [] Ronald work that camera then I’m sure you can, its all timing.
    [] Thanks Smaccs, yup, she’s all on him for some reason.
    [] Thanks Kzapaster !!

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