Month: August 2012

Week 31 | 2012

  Doing what you do best [arguably] is one way of continuing to refine your craft. Being out there and photographing is one of my life’s simple pleasures. I disconnect and simply observe and sometimes engage with conversation with my subjects. No right or wrong but just simple and that’s where I’m headed. I tweeted yesterday:

Week 30 | 2012

  When it comes to how cameras handle, its safe to say, we [togs] have a lot options these days. Keen followers of my blog and twitter stream will undoubtebly know that I’ve switched cameras quite often in search for that holy grail which only beckons the question ― Does the holy grail exists? Of course not, there is no perfect camera, but just our own often times self imposed thoughts about a particular piece of gear, after all, we are all humans and we sometimes love these kinds scenarios. As my father often says, “we don’t learn in someone’s elses head, only in our own” [it sounds way better in Spanish ― Nadie aprende en cabeza ajena].