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Photo Essay: The Story of the Claddagh Ring

Leica, D-Lux 5, LX5, Panasonic, Lumix

Engagement Ring ― LX5

I’m officially engaged to my lovely Isabel.

Legend has it that an Irish young man, Richard Joyce, bound for the West Indian slave plantations was kidnapped himself in rough seas by a band of Mediterranean pirates and sold to a Moorish goldsmith. Then over the many long years of his exile the Moor trained him to perfect the skills of a master craftsman. When in 1689 King William III negotiated the return of the slaves, Joyce returned to Galway – despite, it is said, the Moor’s offer of his daughter’s hand with a princely dowry of half of all his wealth. However, back in Ireland a young woman still faithfully waited for the return of her true love. On his return, happily ever after, he presented her with this now famous Royal Claddagh ring – a symbol of their enduring love. Two hands to represent their friendship, the crown to honour King William and to signify their loyalty and lasting fidelity, and the sign of the heart to symbolise their eternal love for each other.








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