Month: September 2012

Update to my Readers

Hello folks, Just a quick update. I’m in the processing of uploading to the portfolio section of this site about 180 images, hence I 180 posts. This whole update will probably take me about 2 weeks. I wish I could somehow turn off the sharing portion so all of you who are subscribed do not get sort of spammed. Its a suggestion, I’m going to email WordPress about, that way avoiding these sorts of possible scenarios. Anyway, I value your time and attention and I just wanted to let you know beforehand. Cheers. Jorge   PS. Make sure you peruse my new page titled Photography Links, a page dedicated to sharing wonderful photography links of all topics.

Week 38 | 2012

So I contact my friend’s dad yesterday which curiously is nicknamed Leica Man. Let’s rewind right quick. I started with photography back in 1994 and actually it was with Leica Man’s Canon F1. I mean his son was one of my best friends in high school (1986-1991) and I’ve visited his house a million times. Why Leica Man? Well his Leica collection is considered to be the one of the biggest in the United States with all sort of Leica glass and all cameras up to the M6 (he never went digital) including Leica R bodies and glass. Fast forward, to yesterday and I give him a call, it turns out he has a photography exposition this evening which he invited me to attend. In conversation, he tells me how he’s now shooting M43 (G2/GH2) due to his age and weight factor of his other gear (Leica/Canon) but his happy and is making large canvas prints and having a good ole time. So you can imagine how I was, a photo nut talking to an …

Wedding and Lifestyle Photography

Confession time folks, I love Wedding and Lifestyle Photography, the latter which encompasses all sort of events like engagements, birthdays, babies, and more. I recently found a site I wanted to share titled Ruth Eileen Photography, an amazing site full of wonderful photography that will certainly inspire you if you like this genre. A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. ― Paul Sweeney