Wedding Photography
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Practicing Wedding Portraits

Readers of this blog will know that I recently got engaged with Isabel a few weeks ago. So as a photographer (enthusiast) I’m always thinking of possible venues to have some great sshots. I took my camera and my lenses and I had a quick photo session and I discovered a few things that I will later elucidate on a longer post but suffice it to say that practice makes perfect, actually like one my professors use to say “perfect practice makes perfect.”


      • Streetshooter says

        It’s a great life experience to find the one to share love with. It’s obvious that your in love, the words, thoughts and images prove that without a doubt.
        You know what’s even more obvious, she’s in love with you too. Once again, the image proves that.

        Enough romance……

        By supportive, does that mean she’ll buy you cameras and new computers and pay for photo vacations etc…..?

        • Thanks Don, I’m definitely living good times. Sharing love is by far the best experiences a tog can have, like everything else it just shines.

          As far as gear, yes, she just got me Zack Arias, One Light DVD and I’m loving it. Learning and getting ready for a new phase in my photography. Thanks for chiming.


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