1. Freddie'sTribe says

    For me, the relationship would be the woman and the shops, not the sky as she’s carrying shopping bags! I can see where you’re going though… Each to their own of course however think about 1) the hero (the woman) and then 2) the visual elements to build that relationship… The print quality is superb however in today’s world it’s not enough.

    I see in this image, you’re stopped this woman on the street and asked her if you could take her picture. I also see very good skills – now make it work – hero first… then support it visually (ie visually elements to reinforce the hero) 🙂

  2. Ed Spadoni says

    …that have seen a lot, I’m sure. Love the angle and the stark contrast of the B&W.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my website Jorge. Much appreciated.

  3. Thomas says

    WOW… Excellent picture..! One day I too will be taking pictures of this quality!!!

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