Month: November 2012

Strobist Portrait

  My 24″ softbox arrived and I just had to set it and shoot some frames. Let me deconstruct this shot right quick. I used a Nikon speedlight about 45 degrees to the left about 6 feet high. In the meantime, Isabel was jumping rope on the front sidewalk and the only ambient light was coming from a light post 10-15 feet behind us. I decided to cut out the ambient light by going to my max sync speed on my Nikon dslr and just letting the speedlight light her. The shot works in color but I liked the bw conversion better(turned down saturation all the way to the left in Lightroom). Like Zack Arias says “god created speedlights to be used off camera,” indeed.

Week 43 | 2012

Lots going on but this week marks the beginning of my strobist. Its incredibly amazing what a prolong amount of time shooting does to your body of work, techniques, new methods learned, and a continued vision.     All images shot with a Nikon D90 and a Sigma 24-60mm 2.8 EX DG. One tidbit I want to share about Zack Arias’s dvd is the whole notion of shooting with strobes in manual settings in order to have consistent exposures. Notice how all these shots don’t have any clipped highlights and the tones are the same. Thanks Zack.