Weekly Project 2012
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End of 2012

nikon, street photography, olympus epl1, panasonic 20mm

2012 was filled with memories. Where to begin, there are so many. 52 weeks of shooting and it all it comes down to an accumulation of memories that unraveled themselves in this humble blog.

I want to apologize and at the same time thank my readers. I know that over the years I’ve changed blogs like a kid in a candy store but 2012 prooved to be the year that I settled down into my cyber home. I’m not one to care of stats and nervously check them throughout the days but I know this humble blog has gotten over 75K page views combined and for that I thank everyone who contributed in one way or another via commenting and viewing.

Ok then, well if I had to encapsulate this year’s long journey I must say that “learning” was my true north. I learned more about my photography and the technical aspects of photography in general and light than any other year. 2012 will most definitely mark a turning point in my journey in this craft. I see things differently know. I view them in terms of light first, creating drama, mood, shock sometimes, and letting my creative juices flow. I’m not sure what 2013 holds for me but I’m guessing its more about “light” and the different ways to light a scene, a portrait, a group shot, and just about anything. Once you brain wraps around that monkey, the sky is the limit.

I wish everyone good light in 2013. Photograph your families, they’re some of most wonderful images we can later view. Have a safe day, again, thank you everyone for your continued readership of this humble blog and that’s about it ― Great light everyone and keep shooting.


  1. It is always good to learn that some of the most precious personal moments are so close to you. That is something worth remembering. A sort of ever ongoing memory.

    I realize that I partially got you into this 2012 project and it probably got your mind all over the place. In the end I think you did really well. I am curious how you are going to cope with it and how all your learned craft and perceptions affected your photography.

    Take care for tonight. Be careful with the fire crackers and all the best of luck for you in 2013.

    • Hahaha, oh Wouter, my mind did go all around like a merry go round for about 5 months hahaha. Thanks, I appreciate that vote of confidence coming from you especially. As you well know, your work is one that inspires me deeply ― to reach within, and create something worthy of seeing. Like I said, I don’t know exactly where I’m going but I know going somewhere I’ve never been before ― those places where lights just shines a little itsy beams of light and just makes something happen. Its been my experience with this whole Strobist genre that its all about options. Natural light is great but its even better when it works for you and not against you.

      I suppose I’ll have more to say in 2013 but I really want to dig deep and do a sort of mixture of old and new and see where that goes. Also, I’m still debating continuing the project, many doubts, and more like time constraints but I envision myself going forward in a number of ways regardless whether its a weekly project or just regular post, either way, I’m shooting.

      Have a great happy new year with your loved ones, take a picture of your boy, make it a portrait, I’d love to see one. Cheers amigo.

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