From Instapaper to Pocket +

I’m starting 2013 with a new tech app on my smart phone, tablet, and various computers. For all last year, I used Instapaper and I was generally quite happy ― it just worked fine. The iOS and Android application worked just as expected. I was an avid user of Instapaper’s folders and saving things to particular folders but I hated the fact that I needed to clog my Safari bar with various folders ie. Folder A, Folder B, Folder C, etc, you get the idea. Fast forward to 1/1/2013 and in comes Pocket + to the rescue with their killer Safari bookmarklet that has the ability to add tags on the fly thus making Instapaper instantly game over and Pocket + coming in for an NBA dunk and winning the game big time.

nikon, d90, new year, 2013, 50mm 1.8

It’s not a super revolutionary move but more like a side stepping evolution of what I wished Instapaper would have been. So long live Pocket + give it a try, you may be quite surprised, in a + positive way and perhaps reign in as the current king.