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Perspectives: a new weekly project for 2013

Thinking and thinking more about last year I can’t help but that there is so much more to explore, tweak, express, and then some. January is almost over but we still have another 11 months so mine will start in February hoping to rekindle that enthusiasm and expressiveness I think I was able to capture in some posts in 2012. The overall theme will be about new perspectives in my photography, learning to see(which is something that never ends), and honing of what I know and hope to learn this 2013. Its difficult to truck on, shoot, develop, share, but I’m setting aside some specific times to do just that.

Also, I hope to finish my long, long, overdue Ricoh GRD 3 review which has been in the draft mode for about a year and half.

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  1. António Marques says

    You got what it takes, that’s for sure… and I’m looking forward to see what will come! Setting time aside and planning without loosing focus (literally and not literally speaking) are the greatest challenges, I think.
    Sharing good photography is a chain reaction that can only lead to even better photography… Cheers!

    • Thanks Antonio, indeed, its a huge challenge and one I found out last year. I’ve been thinking a lot about my photography these days and not shooting as much but concentrating on shooting with intention more and more. I think I also want to share my thoughts a lot more than I did last year and talk about the process more. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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