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Capturing someones unique essence with a Portrait

nikon, street photography, d5100, 50mm 1.8G, nikon black and white street photography

Portraiture is a window to the soul. Capturing someones unique essence is certainly a challenge and one I always seek when I photograph. Its not easy though. One has to generally be observing and just kind of doing your own thing and wait for the right frame. Once I had gotten this image the subject, my uncle, wanted to strike a pose and I took several images but none like this one. So keep it in mind if you like portraiture.

I’ve learned over time that the best images are the ones you never expected. I couldn’t have paid him to give me this natural expression even if he tried. But, I must mention someone that always seems to get it out them and that’s Peter Hurley. I’ve been watching his video and its really amazing, not so much the actual photography but the actual coaxing of the subject into that magical pose.

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