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The Mystical Ricoh GR

ricoh gr, street photography, meet your eyes, pentax street photography, jorge ledesma

Mystical ― Ricoh GRD3

Once upon a time there was a camera called Ricoh GR1 which emobodied the spirit of adventure, seeking new grounds, new light, new images, and new eyes immortalized by the Japanese legend Daido Moriyama. Fast forward to present day and we now have the Ricoh GR ― meet your eyes.

The quintessential compact of all compacts ― Ricoh GR


The Ricoh GRD’s have that mystical effect of becoming an extension of your eyes. Seeing, recording, analyzing, always there, and more importantly, always faithful with its unique 28mm field of view. The GRD’s are notorious for the level of workmanship and attention to detail something which has now being transposed to the new Ricoh GR. With a magnesium body, its tough as nails, and ready to be taken out into any environment to do what it does best ― capture you imagination.

ricoh gr, street photography, meet your eyes, pentax street photography, jorge ledesma

Magnesium body ― Ricoh GR

There has been much anticipation on this new Pentax-Ricoh. We can immediately appreciate the level of work between the engineers of Pentax and Ricoh, coalescing into one team and creating a really unique camera which in my view ― seems just perfect.

With the Ricoh GR we now have a photographic tool that stands on it own or compliments a dslr kit in perfect harmony. A compact and a dslr teaming up to discover the world around you. Whether its Pentax K5, or my in case Nikon D series dslr it all makes for a great combo regardless of the camera manufacturer. But if you want to keep things in the family the Pentax K5 IIs would be the best choice as I believe the GR has the same sensor which both lack the AA filter. If the right incentives(K5 IIs) came my way I would leave Nikon in a heartbeat and shoot Pentax-Ricoh strictly. contact me

pentax-ricoh, pentax k5, pentax k5 IIs, pentax grip, street photography, studio photography pentax, ricoh gr, street photography, meet your eyes, pentax street photography, jorge ledesma

Pentax K5 IIs with grip

A few things of interest immediately jump out at me. As a professional compact camera, it seems to me that this Ricoh GR has the highest level of customization of any other Ricoh compact ever made. As enthusiasts and professionals alike this can only be a great thing. Being able to fine tune the picture making process is certainly an attractive option that most photographers can appreciate. Not to mention sharing your settings with other users.

ricoh gr, street photography, meet your eyes, pentax street photography, jorge ledesma

Notice the how tactile the GR looks

Not knowing the inner debates that must have surely happened as this camera got developed its apparent that the handling always took priority number one by all engineers. All the buttons and levers are perfectly laid out. How about that “effects” button on the side of the left side of the camera. Truly genius, in my opinion. Being able to quickly change these effects opens a multitude of doors to creative opportunities ready to be exploited at the press of an accessible button.

ricoh gr

The Effect button doubles as a depth of field preview as well

Personally, I’m putting a 32 GB card and shooting RAW + Jpeg in order to take of advantage of the newly maximized lcd to really to enjoy viewing those jpeg previews as I shoot through the streets.

I think Pentax-Ricoh forgot to mention that the Ricoh GR can be great for your overall level of fitness and health. As there is no better way than to experiment with the Ricoh GR than going for extended walks around your city and towns. A few kilometers a day, helps keep the doctor away haha. I know for sure it will help me with some extra kilos I’m logging around, so that’s exciting for me as well. Hey, I’ll take the exercise however it comes and with whatever inspiration.

ricoh gr, street photography, meet your eyes, pentax street photography, jorge ledesma

I’ll probably loose 10 kilos walking with the GR


Stay tuned for an upcoming series of reviews.



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  3. Streetshooter says

    Jorge, have you the ability to process the RAW files? I know the jpegs will be beautiful but the RAW files are where it’s at.
    Congrats on being a chosen one…..don

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, absolutely. This 16 mb sensor is truly outstanding. I’m currently using an iteration of that sensor with my current Nikon dslr and the files are gorgeous. Don, congrats on the magazine, I have to sign up and read the first copy I heard of lot great stuff from Wouter.

      • Streetshooter says

        Thanks for the props on the magazine. Here’s a link for the free first issue.
        I hope you like the way it looks because I’d like to get you in issue #2. Some of your buds are already in it….

        • Wow Don, its a work of art, I gave it a cursory look and this is one of the best magazines I’ve ever seen. I’m reading this baby cover to cover. Isabel just flew back but I’m definitely reading it by the end of the weekend. Thanks for the invite on #2, for sure, let me know how it works.

    • LOL, Don is working his ass of for this magazine. Congrats, Jorge, for being a chosen one. And Don, don’t worry about processing the raw files. They use the DNG format.

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