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Stop Measuring yourself

Stop measuring yourself with other photographers. Just go out and do your thing. I’m pretty sure your work is quite good. Believe in yourself, your current camera is just fine. As citizens of humanity we are constantly bombarded with what’s suppose to be the latest and greatest. With the plethora of choices our brains go into this weird mode and sometimes it takes the best of us and of course ― our wallets. In the end, its just a tool, a means to an end, use what you have and be happy.

Panasonic LX3, Lumix, Street Photography, Jorge Ledesma

Panasonic Lumix LX3 ― I still have fond memories of this compact

Panasonic LX3, Lumix, Street Photography, Jorge Ledesma

Panasonic Lumix LX3 ― It did everything pretty well, great colors, great focal length

Panasonic LX3, Lumix, Street Photography, Jorge Ledesma

Panasonic Lumix LX3 ― the IS on these cameras work wonders, this shot is at 1/3sec, I’ll take it


  1. gorgeous b&w’s and wise wise words sir. I always laugh at the comments from friends who say….you must have a really nice camera…..and I say no, not really because it doesn’t matter all that much. Would I like a $5000 camera, hell yes BUT will a $5000 dollar camera change my way look at a subject? or see the light? no, not really. it is truly what comes from behind the camera that counts. just be happy and work with what you have.

    • Absolutely, you don’t need a $5k camera to make your make your imagery come alive. Of course I’m aware of objective measurements as high ISO, AF speed, etc, etc, but in the end, you really need to know yourself. Knowing yourself and knowing the kind of photography you want to make will take you further. I’m constantly learning more and more about myself and my style ie. What are my preferred focal lengths, ways of seeing, and much more I suppose I’ll write a blog post soon on some of my discoveries.

  2. frank weir says

    Incredibly wise words. I’m selling some cameras now that I’m retired and I see their value has plummeted. ALL were and are very capable cameras. It is essential that we resist the marketing bombardment that is constant. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Its endless. Your words MUST be repeated on a regular basis! Thanks for this post.

    • Thanks Frank. It all gets so old after a while, its crazy. I’m not going to lie out here and say I’m enthralled on all this sometimes but thank goodness gracious for Lightroom. When I perused my images, especially the compacts, it hits me right smack on the middle of my face, and says wake up buddy, be happy with what you have because some folks out there wish they had it and don’t. Just go out and create.

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