Month: May 2013

Ricoh GR: Street Photography Tutorial

So got your GR already and you’re jonesing to take it out for walk and do some street photography already. You’ve heard all the hoopla about the Ricoh legacy and you want to confirm what’s the hype all about. Well, in today’s installment of my user based review of the Ricoh GR I’m going to explain a way to use an option which may not be that apparent ― FA/Move Target(from now mentioned as FAMT) and how this feature may be an aid for your new street photography adventures. This particular mode is explained on page 56-47 of the Ricoh GR manual (download here) and I reproduced both pages for your convenience below. So what’s FAMT? FAMT is a feature which helps you focus on objects and scenes. I have mine setup via a Fn1 to quickly toggle it. In short, it adds a virtual moveable area the size of a square on your LCD which can be enlarged to a maximum of the full LCD and can be shifted top, right, bottom, or left. …

Letter to GR

I just wanted to write a few words to tell you how I feel. I know its a bit soon but I can hardly contain the joy you bring to my life. I’ve dated many others and even fallen in love once or twice, but for some reason I feel this time is different. You’ve brought purpose and happiness to my life and work. I think about you all the time, when I’m not with you I feel a little something in heart ― I miss you. You’ve come to me at the right stage in my life and for that I want to tell you “thank you.” I promise to respect you, care for you, and always be by your side ― I love you GR. All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― Cross Process and BW effects in macro mode mostly, click images to view gallery.

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Ricoh GR: Cross Process Effect

For me cameras are all about how they help me create my vision, it’s a tool, a means to an end, and if the ends justifies the means, then in this case, the Ricoh GR, then it so worth it. Today was a relatively cloudy day and for no other reason than I just felt like it, I decided to shoot with one of the GR’s very customizable effects ― Cross Process, here’s a sample. I adjusted the settings in camera and this is the end result with some clarity and sharpening done in Lightroom.  I’ll have a gallery in the next few days. Actually, this is just one of my favorite images already. I’ll be printing it soon. Doesn’t it look like a painting? All photographs by Jorge Ledesma

Ricoh GR: Color frames

I know its a known fact the Ricoh Digital Series cameras produce wonderful black and whites. With the recent debut of the smallest compact with an aps-c sensor ― the Ricoh GR has gotten some comments to the effect that the reds have some sort of problem. Currently, I’m still on Lightroom 3 but I thought I would let you all know that there is a special ACR profile Adobe developed for the Ricoh GR which is already available for Photoshop CS6 but tonight I hope to have a chance and get to that hack.. In the meantime, here are some snaps from a recent photowalk this past Saturday in Little Havana, Miami.   All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― click images for gallery view

Ricoh GR: Silver Efex Preset

These words ring so true when you really think about it. Anatomically, our eyes see a scene which our nervous system interprets as “whatever” the scene happens to be and as a result other neurons create a feeling or sensation. Here’s Daido expanding with a great quote. This is so pure gold. Each photograph is felt, but there isn’t just one reason for releasing the shutter—there are several reasons, even with a single exposure. The act of photographing is a physiological and concrete response but there is definitely some awareness present. When I take snapshots, I am always guided by feeling, so even in that moment when I’m taking a photograph it is impossible to explain the reason for the exposure. Something might, for example, seem erotic to me. That in itself is a gradation that contains a multiplicity of elements ― Daido Moriyama All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― click on the images to view them full screen

Daido Moriyama now uses the Ricoh GR

Following an inbound link from a Japanese site over to my site is no easy task. So what do. I immediately turned to Google translate and started perusing around until one link lead to another and I stumbled by chance with the content below. It turns out Daido Moriyama had a pre-production GR and was already busy at work. Moriyama just started a new project(this May) which will lead to an exhibition in Okinawa in January 2014 and shot exclusively with the Ricoh GR. Great news! Translated text via Google Translate Daido Moriyama photographer appeared as a guest in the presentation. Moriyama that participated for the first time in the event the manufacturer, using a prototype of GR already. He said, “very different it’s take. Gloom may shutter response is quick and Discussant. Glad to those to snap a city like me” he said. Moriyama that I use to buy the GR series all the way from the founder of the silver salt GR. There is something that comes suddenly with something like. First impression …

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Ricoh GR: DXO results

Well the results are out, pretty fast I must say. DXO just released a comparison between the GR and the Coolpix A and my hunch was proved to be correct. The GR is sharper across the frame with slightly lower ISO than the Nikon. In fact, the difference of 2 DxOMark points is not discernible in final images so these two can be said to have essentially the same image quality. So here’s my visual response to the DXO report. How do you like them apples ― Booyah