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Ricoh GR Macros

I just received my Ricoh GR and words can not describe the feeling of joy and pure excitement. I setup a quick poll to get an idea on some of the things potential GR buyers want to hear about. Once I figure out how to put an audio file in the blog, I’ll upload my impressions as an mp3.

Here are some quick snaps testing out the macro function of the GR. From the front of the lens fully extended you can get to about 3 inches from you macro target. I’ll have a few more shots tomorrow but check out the bokeh on the last shot, not to shabby for a compact ah. What blew me away was the 100% crop. The amount of detail is truly stunning.

ricoh gr macro, ricoh gr, ricoh gr closeup

Update I just posted “My first Ricoh GR gallery: Thoughts on handling and snap focus” with about 23 images.

ricoh gr macro, ricoh gr, ricoh gr closeup

ricoh gr macro, pentax-ricoh, ricoh grd macro photography,


  1. Tad says

    More great shots. I was a bit letdown that Ricoh did not release the 50mm macro version of the GR, but these files are pretty exciting nonetheless.

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    • Streetshooter says

      To be honest, I trust your judgement but that Wouter Fella….well, he’s gonna wanna see for himself…..

      The 2nd issue of the mag is being released tomorrow……Wouter’s in it and others….
      gd’ nite… don

  3. Streetshooter says

    me thinks it’s gonna be a good idear to let posters, like meselfs…to pick more than 1 thing in the poll…..
    Thanks Bro’….don

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