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Ricoh GR Review: 100 % Crop Samples

As part of my continued user based review of the Ricoh GR I just had to share a sample of what I’m viewing when I hit “z”(100% or 1:1 view) in my lightroom galleries. The amount of detail this 28mm lens resolves is truly outstanding. I really think that Pentax-Ricoh hit a home run with the GR. I took this image yesterday as I went to have dinner. The portability factor is another huge advantage of the Ricoh GR.

Make sure you click on the images to really view them large.

The image below is a 100 % crop


The image below is a full resolution jpeg exported at 300dpi


The image below is a 100 % crop of the image processed to my liking


And finally the image processed to my liking exported at 300 dpi at full resolution



  1. Tim Auger says

    What do you mean when you say the pic is exported at 300 DPI? This means nothing without reference to the print size. Is the file resampled by comparison with the original? Any file, even one from a phone, can be at 300 DPI if the print size is small enough.

  2. my thoughts exactly about the crop possibilities. it’s an astounding sensor in this beautiful little cam.

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