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Daido Moriyama and the Ricoh GR Series

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Great insights into the master of the compact camera ― Daido Moriyama. A wonderful video, all 12 minutes, as he shares his insights into his world, the compact camera, and yes, the Ricoh GR Digital series of camera.

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  1. Manlio says

    Moriyama cambio mi forma de ver y hacer fotografías, me enseñó que lo verdaderamente importante es expresarse y que la gente capte eso que querés decir con tus fotos. Me enseñó a captar la esencia de todo aquello que te rodea, a crear un conjunto indisoluble entre el medio y las personas que lo habitan con tus imágenes, desde que conocí la obra de Moriyama deje mi cámaras fullframe y solo uso compactas , una GR , una fuji x70 y cuando necesito un zoom para internarme en una situación que no me permite acercarme uso una Sony rx100, las compactas son mis pinceles para pintar el mundo como lo vivo y observo.

  2. I doubt I could last long outside at least a busy town now. The GR especially, makes city life a new experience now I am into street shooting. And if you do ever get bored you have B&W High Contrast mode. How often do you think Daido uses that mode? It makes the mundane interesting but can ruin the detail of genuinely good scenes, so I don’t use it enough yet.

    And the erotic photos: personal encounters or set up scenes? I am shy to say what my guess would be.

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  5. I see that Moriyama finally has switched to digital. Well, it doesn’t matter lest he continues to shoot those fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a modest, down to earth, and insightful man. Greatly enjoyed his takes on never getting bored and age as a non-issue. Much food for thought in this video. Gracias, Jorge.

  7. I went to Japan in 2007 with friends and fell in love with both Tokyo and Hakone. I took my Canon 40D but wasn’t nearly the photographer I am today. I saw Lost in Translation and it is a very accurate representation of Tokyo’s “feel”. I could only dream of using that beautifully futuristic urban playground for street photography. I’m going back and I’ll be bringing my Leica and hopefully a new Ricoh GR D.

    • Sweet Bryan, I loved my time with the Canon 40D. I tell you what, it was one of my favorite cameras, that plus the 40mm 2.8 pancake was awesome package. I love the malleability of that cameras RAW files, they were nice, here’s an example That’s a great movie, let me know, I’d love to your sets when you get back. I’m dying to go myself at some point in the future. Cheers Jorge

      • I’ve been to Japan, walked around cities with a small camera and I was living vicariously through him. The video makes me want to go back ASAP. I love Japan on many levels… and I’m not a city person, I live in a very rural place but he’s right, cities are where there’s a concentration of life to photograph.

        • I have not been to Japan but it’s in my ‘places to visit’ list. I live in Miami and it has its own spunky and most certainly an international presence. I really have to revisit so many places down here. New projects with the GR.

          • Put Japan at the top of your list. It’s an incredible place on so many levels. If you haven’t seen the movie, Lost in Translation, I highly recommend it for another taste of Japan (a funny one). Lots of great bokeh in that movie, among other things.

  8. Jürgen Metzler says

    Amazing guy, I saw all videos of him, he helps me lot to think about my own way in terms of photography, and now i ended up buying the new GR and selling my (analog)Leica gear

    Greetings from Barcelona

    • A truly inspiring photographer indeed, he’s my favorite. So you sold your Leica (analog) gear and joined the GR club, excellent keep me posted. Cheers.

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